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Woven wood drapery mounted on a decorative rod or a matching valance.


These are great on sliding doors and can also be used for room dividers.


There is nothing on the market that is easier to open and close than an Averte!


Offered in many styles and colors of woven wood and can be lined for light filtering or blackout.



Bypass Shutter

Bypass Plantation Shutters are an elegant solution for small and large sliding doors of any decor.


Extremely durable, guided by rollers attached to the shutter that slide easily along tracks for effortless opening and closing.


Options include a tilt bar and hidden tilt and available in 3 1/2" and 4 1/2" louvers.


Splits can be adjusted to allow for premium privacy and light control.


They add value to your home. They last longer and insulate your windows up to 70% more efficiently reducing air conditioning costs.


Also offered in solid poly material that won't warp, crack, split or peel and resists fading making it the perfect choice for the humid Florida environment.





Slide View

A honeycomb shade run vertically on a track system.


Can be moved to any position, right, left or middle for ease of use and cleaning on a sliding door.


Offered in many colors and can be matched to a cellular shade for windows as seen in the transom on this picture.


Slide views offer one of the best heat reductions for such a large area.


Also offered in sheer and blackout fabrics.


Sliding Panel Track

Sliding Panel Tracks are perfect for patio and sliding doors.


Also can be used as room divider.


Rich in character and offered in so many woven wood textures and fabric choices.


They are the perfect contemporary alternative to the classic vertical.


Vertical blinds are an economical way to finish a sliding door.


They offer directional lighting and view.


Verticals are offered in many fabrics, PVC choices and textures.


PVC offers ease of cleaning in a busy home with children and pets.

I highly recommend Rene Grissom.  I loved the excellent personal service she provides.

- Elizabeth M.


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